Monday, July 11, 2016

Chiraq: 4 dead and at least 39 wounded over weekend

Abandoned home in the
Roseland neighborhood
There were a couple of Black Lives Matter protests in downtown Chicago over the weekend but none in the neighborhoods where shootings occurred. As I explained in my post at Da Tech Guy, the BLM movement is only interested in some black deaths.

During this past weekend four people were shot to death, one each in Englewood, Roseland, and West Pullman on the South Side, and a suburban man was killed in Austin on the West Side. At least 39 others were wounded.

Their lives matter too.

From my Da Tech Guy entry:

If all Black Lives Matter why no protests in crime-ridden areas?

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Holding My Nose said...

If these were not "police involved shootings" then BLM has no interest in them.