Tuesday, July 12, 2016

An Illinois ObamaCare exchange fails

It's all part of the plan by the liberals, the failure of these exchanges. ObamaCare is only a crooked pathway into what they euphemistically call single-payer health care, that is, government run-and-controlled health care.

From Crain's Chicago Business:
Land of Lincoln Health, an Obamacare insurer that launched three years ago to bring competition to the online exchange, is liquidating amid big financial losses.

Dennis O'Sullivan, a spokesman for the Chicago-based start up, confirmed the insurer's closure.

"It's unfortunate for the members and for competition," O'Sullivan said.

Anne Melissa Dowling, acting director of the Illinois Department of Insurance, has asked Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to petition the Circuit Court of Cook County to start the liquidation process.

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