Thursday, July 28, 2016

After 50 years of Democratic failure Detroit mayor touts turnaround at DNC

Southwest Detroit
Detroit last had a Republican mayor in 1962. Since then liberal Democrats destroyed what was once America's fourth-largest city. For the first time since 1850 Detroit isn't among the nation's twenty most populous cities.

Detroit's mayor for most of the 1960s was Jerome Cavanagh, who signed into law the calamitous commuter and municipal income taxes. His tepid response to the 1967 riots greatly accelerated the Motor City's decline. From 1974-1994 race-baiter Coleman Young, a former communist, dug Detroit's grave.

And the corrupt administration of Kwame Kilpatrick, who was forced to resign in 2008, kept the city buried. Kilpatrick is serving a 28-year prison sentence.

As National Review phrased it earlier this year, "And Detroit is what Democrats do."

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