Thursday, June 09, 2016

White House admits FBI probe of Hillary is a criminal investigation

Richard Nixon, the 37th president
The Watergate Scandal is what of course forced Richard Milhous Nixon to resign is office. However, partially because of the ineptness of his Democratic opponent, "Tricky Dicky" won 49 of 50 states as he was reelected in 1972. Another factor in Nixon's blowout victory is that few Americans knew of the scandal.

That was not the case on the last day of April in 1973 when Nixon announced the firing of a top White House aide and the resignations of two others. Nixon's attorney general also quit--the Watergate Scandal broke wide open that day. The evil genie was out of the bottle.

So imagine Nixon running for reelection in 1973. He probably would have lost.

History never repeats itself exactly the same way. Hillary Clinton is not president but she is running for the top office, and not only is there a scandal surrounding her--involving Clinton's mishandling of classified information because while serving as secretary of state because she insisted on using her own email server rather than a much more secure government server--it is also an FBI criminal investigation. White House spokesman Josh Earnest admitted so in a press conference this afternoon that was supposed to serve as a victory lap for Clinton on the day Barack Obama endorsed her.

Americans: Do we really want to travel down this snakehole?

Say what you will about Donald J. Trump--but he is not under criminal investigation.

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