Tuesday, June 21, 2016

(Video) Ingraham: Orlando narrative inconvenient truth for Obama White House

The day after Obama attorney general Loretta Lynch promised transparency by releasing partial transcripts of the 911 calls between the Orlando killer and law enforcement officials, she broke her promises. Mentions by the maniac of the Islamic State were omitted, and "Allah" in his ramblings was replaced by "God." 

As with the Benghazi attacks, the Orlando carnage disrupts the leftist happy narrative of the Obama White House, Laura Ingraham explained on Fox News yesterday.

According to Ingraham, the only bad people out there, according to Obama, are Trump supporters.

Even more amazingly, Lynch says that the feds are exploring that that it was Latin Night at the gay night club where the demon murdered 49 people.

Latin Night? We told 911 dispatchers that he was a "soldier of Allah."

Latin Night? Do they really think we are that stupid? Apparently they do.

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