Sunday, June 19, 2016

Kass: Dems post-Orlando gun control push is about protecting Hillary

Of course the Democrats can never let a crisis go to waste. Especially when it comes to their presidential standard bearer, as John Kass explains in the Chicago Tribune.
Gun control was the shield to protect Mrs. Clinton, to keep the dialogue away from terrorism, from any mention of Islam, which would invariably lead to a discussion of her many policy failures in the Middle East.

The Democrats could not allow this. Clinton and President Barack Obama could not have it. In a time of national grief, one issue would bring Clinton establishmentarians and skeptical Bernie Sanders supporters closer together. The guns.

And so the screaming ensued. It was the guns, they said, the guns, the guns. This was the mantra, not only of gun control, but of reconciliation between the Democratic tribes.

It was not what Mateen said clearly by his own hand on his social media accounts, where he said he slaughtered Americans for the glory of Islamic State.
Tha explains why the narrative on the Orlando killings, with a huge assist from the Democrats' enablers in the mainstream media, turned to gun control.

Guns were not used in the Boston Marathon bombings or in either of the World Trade Center attacks.

We are fighting an ideology. Gun violence is only a symptom.

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Maggie said...

Did anyone really learn of this tragedy and not immediately think, "Oh, why did none of those club goers have a gun to stop him?"