Monday, May 02, 2016

Detroit teachers: Illegal sick-out Monday, illegal sick-out on Tuesday

Abandoned Detroit school
What was I saying just this past Sunday about Detroit's so-called comeback?

Oh, never forget that the teachers of the Motor City are "for the kids."

There was an illegal sick-out on Monday and one is scheduled for Tuesday. Teacher strikes are illegal in Michigan.

Here's today's math lesson for Detroit kids robbed of their education: One sick-out plus one sick-out equals two sick-outs.

From ABC Detroit:
The Detroit Federation of Teachers is calling for a second day of teacher sick-outs in Detroit Public Schools.

Interim union President Ivy Bailey messaged members tonight and said they are still "locked out". As of now, no schools have reported themselves as closed for Tuesday.

More than 90 Detroit Public Schools were closed Monday due to teacher sick-outs after Bailey called for them on Sunday afternoon.

Dozens of teachers gathered in the New Center district to protest.
Dozens? That's all the leftist union could muster?

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