Thursday, May 26, 2016

Detroit 2-year-old shot in head during argument over spilled drink

Cleveland Smelley apparently is a much worse person than his name indicates. He allegedly shot two two-year-old McKenzie Oldham in the head just south in Detroit. The toddler is in grave condition.

From CBS Detroit:
Smelley got into an argument with the girl's father, according to investigators, at around 7:40 p.m. Wednesday outside of a home on Fairmount Drive, in a neighborhood along Kelly Road just south of 8 Mile roads.

The father and daughter were sitting in a car when Smelley took out a gun and fired one shot, according to police. The bullet missed the man he was arguing with, but hit the little girl in the head. The father rushed the girl to the hospital, but authorities said Thursday morning that she had died from her injuries.

Neighbors have said the fight was sparked by a spilled drink.

"Back in the day if there was a fight, the winner went to jail and the loser went to the hospital. Now it seems that the winner, we end up getting in custody and the loser ends up in a casket," Assistant Police Chief Steve Dolunt told WWJ. "I'm tired of that. And especially when it comes to kids, I have no use for an individual that would have total disregard for a child’s life."

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