Friday, April 29, 2016

The demolition of an old Skokie motel

I was not out urban exploring when I came across the razing of the former Rodeway Motel on US Route 41, which is known as Skokie Boulevard in these parts. I was heading a supermarket after getting an oil change for my car.

It opened as a Howard Johnson's motel in 1963.

The demolition workers foolishly left the gates open.

After I suffered from a stress fracture my fibula and suffered torn knee cartilage in 2010, I underwent physical therapy in this pool.

Once the old inn is gone a small shopping plaza will replace it, which will include Bank of America branch, a AA car repair facility, the favorite restaurant of conservatives, Chick-fil-A.

The final days of the property were sordid. In 2014 a young man was shot there. And the following year there were two gun incidents involving prostitutes.

Howard Johnson would not have liked that.

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