Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Insolvent Harvey IL still unable to collect property taxes--updated!

Marathon Pundit in Harvey this year
The corrupt and essentially insolvent Chicago suburb of Harvey, Illinois is back in the news again. And as I've remarked many times before that is almost always a bad thing.

Today is no different.

From the Chicago Tribune:
Cook County clerk's office has quickly rejected a controversial mayor's attempt to levy property taxes against the wishes of the majority of his suburb's council members in what has become a highly unusual suburban political showdown.

The clerk's office said not enough votes were received to support the levy at a City Council meeting Monday night — further prolonging an already bitter political saga that the mayor has said could lead to massive layoffs.

For months, at meetings — like Monday's — often cut short by chaotic scenes and shouting matches, Harvey Mayor Eric Kellogg and four aldermen have been at odds over one of the most basic functions of a local government: passing a levy for property taxes. Local governments must approve them annually, no matter whether taxes are lowered, raised or stay the same.

But this often routine duty has sparked a vicious battle between the mayor and a slim majority of the City Council in a suburb where Tribune investigations have documented years of insider deals that have drained the town of millions, sparking an FBI investigation.
>UPDATE April 30:

The Cook County Clerk reversed himself. It appears Harvey will be able to collect property taxes.

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