Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Fraternal Order of Police calls on Chicago Teachers Union head to denounce "F the police" remarks at rally

CTU members picketing last week
The Chicago Teachers Union is a leftist gang. Of course they are going to have radicals speak at their events.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:
An activist's declaration at last Friday’s Chicago Teachers Union rally — "f— the police, and everybody f— with 'em" has drawn the ire of Chicago police and a sound Twitter scolding for union president Karen Lewis.

And now the Fraternal Order of Police is asking Lewis to condemn the insult tossed out at the end of the CTU-organized rally outside the Thompson Center that has upset FOP members and their families — many of which include Chicago Public School teachers. They took to Twitter and to peppering a popular Chicago police blog with angry comments.

"I did mention that lack of a response is almost like condoning the remarks," FOP president Dean Angelo said of a lengthy phone conversation Monday evening with Lewis. "I know it was her rally, a public school rally, a CTU rally, and although she wasn’t aware of this person closing the rally so to speak, it was something that was under her banner.

"So we're hoping that she understands it's important for the CTU to come out address those comments," he told the Sun-Times. "We are waiting for Ms. Lewis to respond."
The foul-mouthed speaker was Page May of Assata's Daughters, which identifies itself as part of the Black Lives Matters movement. Apparently the radicals get their name from Assata Skakur, a convicted cop-killer and escaped prisoner who now lives in Cuba. She's on the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorist List.

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