Monday, April 25, 2016

Fox Detroit catches thieves scrapping abandoned house

Abandoned NW Detroit home
Who says I only post bad news?

From Fox Detroit:
FOX 2 caught at least five people scrapping a vacant house in broad daylight, wearing green vests to look official but only doing more damage to the property.

Reporter Josh Landon and crew were on Murray Hill Street for only a few minutes before the crooks started walking to their cars one by one and speeding off.

"Here go another house," a neighbor said. "It's nothing new around here man. It's nothing new around here. This happen all the time man. It's one thing to another."

Neighbors said the crooks claimed to be part of a demolition crew prepping the house to be fixed up, but it appears they were after the bricks, copper, doors, and whatever else they could get hands on.
But the cameras scared off the thieves, who are probably not sleeping well tonight.

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