Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Trump only wants to use Caterpillar and John Deere equipment to build Mexico wall

Deere tractor south of
Tampico, IL
Just in time for this month's Illinois Primary!

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump said last night that he only wants to build the southern border wall with Mexico with equipment from two Illinois-based firms,a he explained in a reply to a question during a post-Super Tuesday press briefing.

From the Peoria Journal Star:
"And then they say, you'll never be able to build a wall. Well, it's 2,000 miles, but we really need 1,000 miles. The Great Wall of China — built 2,000 years ago — is 13,000 miles, folks. And they didn't have Caterpillar tractors — cause I only want to use Caterpillar, if you wanna know the truth. Or John Deere. (I) buy a lot of equipment from John Deere. I love John Deere, too. But (the builders of the Great Wall) didn't have tractors, they didn't have cranes. They didn't have excavation equipment. The wall is 13,000 miles long. We need 1,000 miles. And we have all of the materials. We can do that so beautifully."

In explaining his certainty that such a wall would be constructed, Trump said, "The reason is I am a business man, I know what I am doing."
Deere is based in Moline and Caterpillar is headquartered in Peoria, both are blue collar towns and my guess is that Trump is already quite popular in those places.

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