Thursday, March 10, 2016

Chicago Public Schools sues its ex-CEO and crooked contractor for $65 million

Evergreen Academy, SW Side
The contractor mentioned here, SUPES, is where CPS' ex-CEO, Barbara Byrd-Bennett once worked. They were awarded a $20 million no-bid contract.

Meanwhile Chicago's schools may not have enough money to complete the school year. "BBB" was handpicked by Mayor Rahm Emanuel to run CPS. She used to work for Detroit Public Schools.

From ABC Chicago:
Chicago Public Schools filed a civil suit Thursday seeking $65 million in damages and penalties from former CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett and SUPES Academy, among other defendants.

"With scarce resources, staff furloughs and painful budget cuts, CPS is keeping a close watch on every dollar. Barbara Byrd-Bennett and her co-conspirators knew the District's dire straits and still concocted this scheme to divert needed resources away from classrooms and line their own pockets," current CEO Forrest Claypool said in a statement.

CPS filed the complaint against Byrd-Bennett, Gary Solomon, Thomas Vranas, SUPES and Synesi in Cook County Circuit Court. Illinois law allows entities that have been defrauded to pursue damages and could be owed civil penalties of three times the amount that was fraudulently obtained under state law.

The 10-count complaint also includes allegations of civil conspiracy, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract and unjust enrichment.

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