Thursday, February 04, 2016

Vets protest Chi-Raq flag flying above US flag at Pfleger's church

Chicago's meddlesome priest is at it again.

From CBS Chicago:
Members of veterans' motorcycle clubs gathered outside St. Sabina on Thursday to protest the American flag being flown at half mast, with a Chi-Raq flag from the recent Spike Lee film at the top of the pole.

"It's definitely disrespectful. Men and women over the years have died for that flag. Treat it with the respect that it's due, that’s all. That’s all we're asking,” said Frank Gremske, president of the Chicago chapter of the American Lawmen Motorcycle Club.

Word of the protest reached the church, and the Chi-Raq flag was removed later Thursday morning, but then the American flag was briefly flown at half-mast and upside down, prompting renewed backlash before it was flown upright again, though still at half-mast.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Rev. Michael Pfleger said the church was flying its American flag at half-staff after an especially bloody January in Chicago, when shootings were more than double the number in January 2015, and homicides were up 75 percent from the same time period last year. The 51 murders were the most in January in Chicago since at least 2000.
President Obama once cited Pfleger as one of his spiritual advisors.

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