Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Democrats seek to profit from misery by holding presidential debate in Flint

This stunt reminds me of lawyers handing out business cards at the scene of a multi-vehicle car accident.

From the Detroit News:
Democratic presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will square off in a debate in Flint on March 6, two days before Michigan Democrats head to the polls.

The Democratic National Committee is sanctioning the televised debate in Flint, which Clinton sought so she can continue highlighting the city’s lead-contaminated water crisis.

Democrats are using the crisis in Flint against Republican Gov. Rick Snyder because his emergency manager was in charge of the city in April 2014 when Flint began drawing corrosive Flint River water that later caused toxic lead metal to leach into the water supply. Experts have said the addition of corrosion control additives in the river water would have avoided the catastrophe.
Almost certainly at this debate there will be no discussion of how the reckless policies of the Democratic Party destroyed cities like Flint and Detroit.

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