Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Judge rules Chicago red-light tickets void

Chicago's Northwest Side
Chicago's corruption-ridden red-light camera program was never about safety, it was just another way to pick the pockets of the people who live there or visit and to enrich dishonest government workers. And those cameras arguably make city streets more dangerous as people wishing to avoid a $100 ticket slam on the brakes at a yellow-light rather than pass through a clear intersection.

And the Chicago may have to start writing checks totaling hundreds of millions of dollars to the victims of municipal avarice and graft.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:
Chicago violated the "fundamental principles of justice, equity and good conscience" by denying due process to motorists issued red-light camera and speed-camera tickets, a judge has ruled, declaring those tickets "void."

In a harshly worded ruling handed down late Friday, Circuit Court Judge Kathleen Kennedy kept alive a lawsuit seeking hundreds of millions dollars in refunds for motorists ticketed since 2003 after City Hall "skipped a step" mandated by the city’s own municipal code.

The lawsuit filed nearly a year ago accused the Emanuel administration of violating the requirement to issue a second notice of violation before issuing a determination of liability against motorists issued speed-camera and red-light camera tickets.

The suit further alleged that the city failed to specify the make of the vehicle and that city notices indicate that late penalties will be assessed if payment is not received within 21 days of a liability determination, when a 25-day grace period is required by law.
Chicago officials will of course appeal but they might as well get used to the idea that thousands of people are owed refund checks.

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