Tuesday, February 16, 2016

12 leftists arrested for blocking downtown Chicago rush hour traffic

Eisenhower Expressway
near Congress Parkway
Blocking traffic is not a constitutional right which is why a dozen pro-illegal immigration leftists were arrested this morning for chaining themselves to ladders and blocking traffic on Congress Parkway, which is the street that the busy Eisenhower Expressway merges into.

As some of the disruptors were led away by the cops other protesters changed "F... the police."

Those busted should face a stiff sentence, let's say a $1000 fine and thirty days in jail. If the leftists want to protest our immigration laws, they can apply for a permit and picket on a sidewalk.

From my entry at Da Tech Guy:

Why 21st century civil disobedience isn’t the same as 1960s civil disobedience

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