Wednesday, January 27, 2016

East Chicago IN councilman sworn-in while in jail on murder charges

Indiana likes to present itself as the more-honest of the two states situated at the southern tip of Lake Michigan.

But don't get too cocky, Hoosiers. East Chicago in Lake County has been a corruption cesspool for decades.

Courtesy of ABC Chicago, here's the latest atrocity from there:
An East Chicago councilman was sworn into office behind bars earlier this month while in custody on murder charges.

Robert Battle, who was re-elected in November when he ran unopposed, was given his oath of office and signed required paperwork on Jan. 15, said Paula Miraldi, of the Lake County Board of Elections in northwest Indiana.

The board of elections received the paperwork Friday morning, but it was dated Jan. 15. Battle needed to be sworn in and submit his paperwork by Feb. 1, otherwise the council post would be declared vacant.

Battle has been in the custody of the Porter Council Jail in northwest Indiana, according to the Porter County Sheriff's Office.
Battle is a Democrat.

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