Thursday, January 28, 2016

Detroit homeless man takes charge card donations on his cell phone

8 Mile and I-75
I was at the same corner this man panhandles on last summer. He wasn't there but since there is a sign, which a homeless person is probably responsible for defacing, stands there, 8 Mile and I-75 must be a busy spot for begging.

From CBS Detroit:
Volunteers in Detroit and across the nation spent the night counting the homeless, and one of those men who lives in the cold is dealing with it in a, shall we say, unusual way.

He calls himself “Honest Abe” and he panhandles not just for pocket change, but also for the donor’s credit and debit cards. He accepts cards with a reader attached to his cell phone.

His real name is Abe Hagenston and he’s been homeless in Detroit for seven years or so. The 8 Mile overpass on I-75 is home.
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