Friday, November 06, 2015

ILL-inois: GI Joe cop was a GI Jerk

The saga of the cop who staged his suicide to make it look as if he was murdered in the line of duty is now one of those only-in-Illinois stories.

From NBC Chicago:
Lt. Joe Gliniewicz's personnel file going back to the beginning of his career in Fox Lake reveals the beloved officer -- who officials say tried to hire a hit-man to kill a village administrator -- had been accused of a litany of offenses.

Documents show that Gliniewicz was suspended "6 times" for a total of "30 days for an inappropriate sexual relationship with a subordinate." Additionally, he was accused of "sexual harassment and making threats to a dispatcher" as well as “inappropriately touching women” at department parties.

An anonymous letter written to Fox Lake Mayor Donny Schmit in 2009 from Gliniewicz's colleagues accuses him of sexual harassment, being drunk in public and skipping out on bar tabs.

The letter also alleges Gliniewicz "took his family on vacation to Wisconsin in his squad car" allowed friends "to fill their tanks with gas at the village pumps."
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