Monday, November 23, 2015

Abram C. Fisk Home in Coldwater, Michigan

On the east end of Coldwater, Michigan on US Route 12--Chicago Street in the Branch County town--is the Abram C. Fisk Home.

This Second Empire structure is one of many spectacular 19th century houses in Coldwater. And this one is easier to photograph than most of them--because it's situated next to a Biggsby Coffee with ample parking.

If Coldwater, Michigan sounds familiar to you, it could because you're British or you read Erik Larson's 2006 bestseller Thunderstruck, which recounts the story of Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen. The Coldwater-born homeopath was the first criminal suspect captured with the aid of wireless technology. Crippen murdered his wife--although his guilt has been questioned in recent years--and was fleeing on an ocean liner for the United States with his girlfriend when he was captured by a Scotland Yard detective. He was arrested and returned to Great Britain.

Crippen was hanged on this date 105 years ago in Pentonville Prison in London. He was buried, as was the practice at that time, in an unmarked grave on the prison grounds.

The Crippen case is one of Britain's most notorious crimes.

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