Monday, October 05, 2015

(Photos) Detroit's abandoned C.F. Smith Company warehouse

Today we take a look at another lesser-know set of ruins in Detroit--the C.F. Smith Company warehouse at 2410 Vinewood Street in the Mexicantown neighborhood.

From the 1930s through the 1950s, C.F. Smith grocery stores were a major presence in the Detroit area. The chain was founded by Charles Francis Smith. Its slogan was "Price tells and quality sells--the grocery store around the corner."

It rained most of the day when I visited this warehouse--the puddles add to the forsakeness.
As with nearly all of my urban exploration in Detroit--I encountered no one is there.

Ah, here's the office. I think I'll walk inside and flirt with a secretary. The address for the office is 615 West Grand Boulevard.

As I figured. No one is working today.

The metal and anything else of value has been stripped, as almost always the case with vacant buildings in the Motor City.

One floor up water has dripped in from the roof.

Hey, at least the windows are large here.

These stairs are covered with some sort of substance that reminds me of flowstone that I saw at Mammoth Cave in Kentucky.

Taking an elevator ride is not an option.

The warehouse has been slated for demolition since 2008.

Very often abandoned factories and warehouses are plagued with rubbish heaps, which most likely come from illegal dumping.

Smoke stains on the upper floor windows betray a recent fire--almost certainly arson.

C.F.Smith grocery stores are gone and so is the Village Craftsmen Auto & Truck Care Center.


Katie said...

Thank you for posting the photos. I am a somewhat distant relative of C.F. Smith and have found this very enlightening.

Unknown said...

I am Charles F.Smith's great great granddaughter and would love any pertinent information.

John Ruberry said...

What do you need to know? Although I live in the Chicago area, not much sure what else I can dig up.