Thursday, September 10, 2015

HGTV 'Rehab Addict' star robbed in Detroit

Abandoned Detroit mansion
This TV personality is one of Detroit's biggest boosters. Will that change?

From the Detroit News:
The star of the cable television reality show "Rehab Addict" said in a Facebook post she wants to rehabilitate a criminal who robbed her when she was in town this week.

Nicole Curtis, whose show is focusing on the restoration of the historic Ransom Gillis mansion on John R in Brush Park, was robbed Sept. 7 in front of a downtown parking garage, police said. She was putting her 4-month-old child in the vehicle at the time, police said.

"She was parked in front of the garage at Larned and Griswold when a black Trailblazer pulled up in front of her," Detroit Police Officer Nicole Kirkwood said. "The suspect got out ... reached in through her driver's side door, and grabbed her purse."
The robbery took place not in the 'hood but in the center of downtown Detroit, quite close to the Cobo Center, the Crowne Plaza Detroit, and the Guardian Building. Curtis was attending the Detroit Jazz Festival, which bills itself as the world's largest free jazz fest.

"The truth is ... crime happens. I thought here I am the self-appointed 'come live in the city -there's no such thing as bad neighborhoods just bad neighbors' and I got F%*+# robbed ????"
Truth be told--when I was in Detroit in July--and yes, I spent a lot of time in those non-existent bad neighborhoods--I never let my guard down, even though the people there were for the most part quite friendly to me. Why didn't I let my guard down? Because I was in Detroit! Duh!

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mike said...

It's the people, not the house!