Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tehran to host Occupy Wall Street art show

I'm sure our leftist president is smiling over this story about his pals in Tehran.

From Mehr News:
Abolfazl Aali Art Gallery in Tehran is going to host an 'Occupy Wall Street' poster exhibition on the eve of the 4th anniversary of the protest movement in New York.

The exhibition consists of 36 posters designed by foreign artists who are mostly from the United States. The posters will be showcased in Tehran on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the protest movement dubbed 'Occupy Wall Street' which was against social and economic inequality in the world.

Saeid Khavarinejad, a visual arts researcher in charge of organizing the poster gallery said the decision to hold such an exhibition was a result of one of his researches on the aesthetic aspects of the Occupy movement.
Occupy Wall Street was an extreme left group that has morphed into the disruptive Black Lives Matter group. OWS accomplished nothing.

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