Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Colorado businesses punished by toxic EPA water spill

A much cleaner Chicago River
Had, let's say, an oil company caused the poisonous Animas River spill, instead of the EPA, it would be the lead story on all of the network news shows. But the mainstream media has an agenda to advance: government is good--and energy companies are bad.

Meanwhile, southwestern Colorado businesses are hurting because of EPA recklessness.

From the Denver Post:
Area businesses that rely on the Animas River are enduring impacts that will linger long after the tainted mustard hue fades from the water.

"Very difficult," said Alex Mickel, who has turned hundreds of customers away from his Mild to Wild Rafting each day since the Environmental Protection Agency accidentally unleashed a 3 million gallon torrent of toxic mine water into the headwaters of the Animas last week.

"We are anticipating around $150,000 to $200,000 in lost revenue," Mickel said. "But from an emotional standpoint, it's difficult to see a beautiful river damaged in this way."

The virulent plume that spilled from a dormant mine above Silverton on Aug. 5 has rolled on through Durango. The sickly orange glow is gone, and the Animas is returning to its normal color.
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