Friday, July 10, 2015

(Photos) Sign on Detroit home warns of crackheads

Crossing over M-102, better known as 8 Mile Road, from Hazel Park into Detroit on the side street of Hawthorne near Interstate 75, travelers are greeted by large white home.

There's a sign at where the door used to be.

And that sign reads, "WARNING! This area INFESTED by crackheads. SECURE your belongings and PRAY for your life. Your legislators won't protect you!" There is at least one other of these signs.

Yes, my car was locked.

Looking around the east side neighborhood, here are two abandoned homes on Cameron and 8 Mile.

Down the street at 20158 Cameron the yellow paint of this forsaken bungalow adds a bit of sunshine to a gloomy day.

Amazingly, the satellite dish survived a roof collapse on this burned-out home. The day-lilies are pretty at least.

Very few of Detroit's rotting homes come with a warning. In about half of them you can walk right in.

If you do what I did walk inside these bombed-out homes, beware of creaking floorboards that may be ready to collapse, broken glass, and yes, people.

Every picture in this post was taken within a two-block radius. Mile after mile of Detroit is like this.

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