Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Illinois teacher fired for stepping on US flag during classroom lesson

USA and Illinois flag
Exactly what kind of English class was this jackal teaching?

Clark County, where Martinsville is located, is not a liberal wasteland. In last year's gubernatorial election the Republican candidate, Bruce Rauner, collected nearly three-quarters of the vote.

From the Chicago Tribune:
A teacher in eastern Illinois has been fired for stepping on a small U.S. flag during a lesson on free speech.

The Martinsville School District board voted 6-0 to fire English teacher Jordan Parmenter. Martinsville is about 80 miles southeast of Champaign near the Indiana state line.

The district had placed Parmenter on leave after the May 15 incident.

Parmenter has said he used the flag as a pointer during a lesson on free speech at Martinsville Junior-Senior High School.
With teachers like Pamenter, it's easy to ascertain why students don't know the difference between a comma and semi-colon. Free speech is a subject for a civics class, correct speech is for an English class.

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