Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Illinois' 18th Congressional District: Mike Flynn for Congress

Eureka, IL,
18th District
Mike Flynn, a friend of the late Andrew Breitbart, is running for Congress in the special election to replace Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL), who resigned under pressure earlier this year.

Flynn, who used to write for Breitbart's Big Hollywood, is the conservative choice in the race in Illinois' 18th Congressional District.

From Derek Hunter in Townhall:
I loved and supported the idea, but I knew there would be many who wouldn't. Mike is a principled conservative, and principled conservatives aren't really what the GOP establishment wants in Congress. Boehner and his boys won’t get the votes they want from a Mike Flynn because he wouldn't be going there to make friends or get cushy committee assignments. He'd be going there to stop them from screwing us over as much as he would be to stop Democrats from doing the same.

The party spit out its own candidate, of course. It went for name recognition over conservative values and put up Darin LaHood, son of squishy former GOP congressman and Obama Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

The choice is pretty clear for conservatives. As National Review put it, "The Establishment and the Tea Party Face Off in Illinois."

Even though this may seem like a local race, it is a national fight. It's an opportunity for Tea Party conservatives to flex their muscle and send a message to Republican leadership in Washington that we aren't happy with the way you've caved to the president in nearly every fight, and we do not support amnesty for illegal aliens, legislatively or through executive action. ENOUGH! We aren't going to send your failed leadership reinforcements; we’re going to send replacements.


JASON said...

Get the scoop on Darin Lahood here. As they say there is "there" there.

Merle Widmer said...

Darin is a nice guy. Nice guys who are big spenders no longer cut it with me. Darin is very close to Leitch and Darin's dad, neither of them, a conservative. A couple of years ago the Illinois Policy Institute labeled Leitch as the 2nd leading spender of taxpayer dollars in downstate Illinois. Only Koehler supported more spending. Illinois will forever (despite Caterpillar) be a place where businesses should be from unless they are getting a lot of quiet subsidies. You won't find these "subsidies" reported in the local medias; some of which are barely hanging on.

Did Flynn support FireFly and the RPM? If he did, I can't support him either. Leitch was the strongest voice to appear before the gullible Peoria County Board in support of millions for FireFly and the RPM. Yes, in the last vote, I went with the herd. Otherwise, the vote would have been 17 to 1. But read my old blogs before the final vote to lend.