Thursday, June 11, 2015

Gov. Moonbeam: "Spaceship Earth" approach will save California

California has suffered through droughts before and will again. But its governor, Democrat Jerry Brown, whose nickname is Moonbeam, buys into man-caused global warming.

What will save us? Why, Spaceship Earth, of course!

From the Los Angeles Times:
"The metaphor is spaceship Earth," Brown said. "In a spaceship you reuse everything. Well, we're in space and we have to find a way to reuse, and with enough science and enough funding we’ll get it done.”

However, there would be an economic cost to this much-needed planning and engineering.

"A lot of heavy lifting will be done by local water districts, and that will show up in your water bill," Brown said.
Outside of an occasional meteorite, we've been exclusively using the stuff we have on Earth forever, Jerry.

Oh, betraying his liberal roots--Brown is asking for more funding--presumably government funding, to fight climate change.

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