Thursday, June 18, 2015

Blackhawks fans boo Rahm at Stanley Cup rally

Rahm Emanuel got an earful today.

From NBC 5 Chicago:
Blackhawks fans sent a nasty message to Mayor Rahm Emanuel during the Stanley Cup victory rally at Soldier Field Thursday.

When the team's president and CEO, John McDonough, thanked "the great mayor of the city of Chicago" for putting on the production, fans in the audience booed loudly in response.

Emanuel, who was standing behind McDonough, appeared unfazed by the booing and laughed it off with Blackhawks announcer Pat Foley and the team's owner, Rocky Wirtz.

Fans expressed their disappointment when the city announced it would host the rally at Soldier Field instead of Grant Park, where it was held in 2013, due to rain earlier in the week. More than 2 million people attended the rally in 2013, but Soldier Field could only house around 60,000 people.
One odd thing about the NBC Chicago article. These are the fans who were able to attend the rally--not the ones left outside. Think about that.

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