Sunday, May 03, 2015

Two gunmen open fire at First Annual Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest, cops shoot them dead

If you are so angry about people drawing Muhammad, then America isn't for you. Leave. You'll be happier someplace far from here.

From CBS Dallas-Forth Worth:
Two suspects opened fire outside the Curtis Caldwell Center during a Muhammad art exhibit in Garland. CBS 11 was there to report on the exhibit before the chaos ensued. Reporter Gabriel Roxas and CBS 11 camera team were placed in lockdown immediately after the gunfire. The Garland event, called the "First Annual Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest," took place where the "Stand with the Prophet" conference was held in January. The event featured adaptations of the Islamic prophet.
A security guard was wounded but has since been released from the hospital. The gunmen--who opened fire on the facility from a car--are dead. Garland police shot them at the scene.

Friend of the blog Pam Geller, who organized the event, as at the scene.

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Anonymous said...

What if that attack had been against a contest to bake a Muhammad themed gay wedding cake?

Or a contest of depictions of Muhammad marrying a gay couple?