Thursday, May 28, 2015

Shocking! Illinois governor wants state employees to work 40 hours a week

The AFSCME union bosses have a sweet deal for their employees--one that ordinary Illinoisans such as myself can only dream of. But their dream is a financial nightmare for Land of Lincoln taxpayers--and the giveaways from Rod Blagojevich and his two-time running mate, Pat Quinn, have placed Illinois into functional bankruptcy.

But the bosses want their party to last forever.

The Chicago Tribune asks some questions:
Ask yourself: Do you get automatic raises based on seniority?

Do you get overtime promptly after you put in 37.5 hours in a week?

Do you get minimum pay guarantees if you're on standby or called in to work?

Do you get 13 paid holidays? The AFSCME contract gives workers Martin Luther King Day, Lincoln's Birthday, Presidents Day, Columbus Day, the day after Thanksgiving and — of course — Election Day.
Illinois' reform governor, Republican Bruce Rauner, has suggested that state workers--gasp!--work forty hours a week. And Rauner wants to cut into the number of paid holidays state workers enjoy.

Hey AFSCME: The Great Gatsby era of Illinois spending is over. The Prairie State Depression has been with us for a while.

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