Monday, May 25, 2015

Houlihan's fires manager who treated veteran with service animal rudely

Algonquin Clock
There are many red faces--deservedly so--at the Houlihan's restaurant chain on Memorial Day after a manager treated a veteran with a service dog rudely in Algonquin, Illinois.

From the Daily Herald:
"This is not something that our company tolerates," said Amy Fasholt-Fisher, vice president of operations for the Kansas City-based chain. "We are taking full responsibility, offering no excuses."

The confrontation occurred Sunday at the restaurant, 1508 S. Randall Road.

The veteran, whose name was not released by the company, entered with his mother and his dog and requested to be seated, Fasholt-Fisher said.

A hostess got a manager, who asked what service the animal provides, Fasholt-Fisher said.
The manager who confronted the veteran has since been fired. The vet's mom posted about the nastiness on Facebook earlier today. "It was insulting ... so they decided to leave," a Houlihan's manager told the Daily Herald.

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