Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Despite Democrats blaming infrastructure failings on Amtrak crash--speeding may have caused the tragedy

Here is some inside baseball you need to know. Bot parties do this--but since for the most part the Democrats have the mainstream media in their pocket, they send out briefing tips to their public officials and self-appointed experts. With an hour of the deadly Amtrak accident last night in Philadelphia, social media and cable news was flooded with Dems blaming the tragedy on infrastructure deficiencies and lack of funding for repairs because of a stingy Republican-controlled Congress. Calling for public works improvements is liberal tactic to justify higher taxes and to enrich their union enablers.

It will probably be weeks before the National Transportation Safety Board discovers what really caused the Philly Amtrak crash but this much is known today: the train was traveling at over 100 miles per hour around a curve on the tracks where the speed limit is just 50 mph.

Here's another way to view the tragedy. Taxpayer-funded Amtrak is dangerous---perhaps we should cut the federal subsidies.

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