Sunday, April 05, 2015

Hey Gov. Brown: It's a California drought, not global climate change

Rio Vista, CA in 2009
Critics of my blog--it's hard to believe but some people disagree with me--mock my skepticism about human-caused global warming when I cite as evidence the second consecutive colder-than-average winter as a reason to question their theories that the earth is heating up. The more thoughtful ones bark something along the lines of, "It's global warming, not Midwestern climate change."

Today on ABC's This Week, in defending his executive order cutting consumer water use by 25 percent, California's Democratic governor, Jerry Brown, offered his dry state as proof of global warming. "I can tell you, from California, climate change is not a hoax."

Governor: It's a California drought, not a global dry spell. Just two months ago Chicago was clobbered by its fifth-biggest snow storm in history.


Vanessa T said...

When I was a girl, growing up in CA in the last 70s, they were having the "worst drought in history" at that time. I remember we were on water rationing, and the apartments where my mother and I lived were rationed to 50 gal per day per unit.

Also at about the same time, we were told we needed to prepare for the coming ice age. *eyeroll* I wish I were joking!

John Ruberry said...

All of the oil on the planet was supposed to have been drilled from the ground by now too, according to "the truth" at that time.