Thursday, March 19, 2015

ILL-inois Union lobbyist suing to collect $36K annual pension for one day's sub work

One quarter of Illinois' budget is spent on pensions. Here is one reason why that is so high.

As for this Big Labor lobbyist, David Piccioli--not only should he not receive his $36,000-a-year pension for one day's work as a substitute teacher--he should be paraded from town to town so righteous Illinois taxpayers can pelt him with garbage Then Piccioli should be forced to pick up all of that trash.

From the Chicago Tribune:
A union lobbyist who qualified for a teacher pension windfall by subbing at a school for one day is now suing a state retirement board because his benefits were scaled back once his sweet deal was exposed.

Retired Illinois Federation of Teachers lobbyist David Piccioli, 65, is arguing that lawmakers violated the state constitutional provision that says a pension cannot be "diminished or impaired" once it is set.

Piccioli is already collecting $31,485 from the Teachers Retirement System. If he wins his case, his teacher pension could increase by more than $36,000, the Tribune estimated — more than doubling what he gets now.

Piccioli also gets a second state pension worth just over $30,000 that covers time he served as a legislative aide. Both pensions are based on an average of his six-figure salaries as a union lobbyist.
And what did Piccioli do as a sub that one day he worked? My guess is that he showed DVDs all day to napping students.

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