Saturday, February 07, 2015

Serial fabulist Brian Williams takes leave of absence

NBC News anchorman Brian Williams, who was caught lying about being fired upon while riding on a helicopter during the Iraq War, announced today that he is taking a leave of absence because he is "presently too much a part of the news." Williams' account of seeing a dead body flow past his New Orleans hotel room has also been called into question.

Much like a restaurant that closes for remodeling--we know how the Williams story will end.

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Anonymous said...

Williams has nothing on serial liar Ronald Reagan. Reagan told Israeli Premier Yitzhak Shamir in 1983 that he and his unit personally filmed the liberation of Nazi death camps. Heroic Ronny, of course, spent the entire war in Culver City, CA. That whopper had nothing on his later, "we did not trade weapons for hostages," when he famously was selling arms to Iran (yes, THAT Iran) to secure the release of 7 hostages, and funneling the profits to arm the fascist resistance in Nicaragua. (See Impeachable Offenses, High Crimes).