Sunday, February 01, 2015

(Photos) Super Bowl Sunday Blizzard of 2015

A blizzard has struck the Chicago area. But that didn't stop me from recording the event this morning.

Dempster Avenue in Morton Grove.

Lack of snow will not be an issue at Saturday's Winter Market at the American Legion Hall.

A Pace bus labors past McDonald's.

Linne Woods digests the snow.

Two weeks after Winter Market, Cold Brews and Snowshoes will take place at Linne Woods and the Morton Grove Civic Center. It's a "snowshoeing and beer tasting event."

A frozen unnamed creek crowned by tree roots in the Miami Woods Forest Preserve.

The North Branch of the Chicago River at St. Paul Woods.

A small trees stubbornly clings to its leaves at the same forest preserve.

RTA's commuter rail service, Metra, is operating through the blizzard just as Pace is.

Even the twigs are accumulating snow.

Lincoln Avenue getting plowed.

Digging a car out on the same street. Heading to a Super Bowl party?

Interstate 94, the Edens Expressway.

UPDATE: The blizzard has been declared the fifth-worst snowstorm in Chicago history.

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