Friday, February 20, 2015

ObamaCare: Feds sent wrong tax info to 800,000 people

The failures keep coming with ObamaCare.

From AP:
About 800,000 customers got the wrong tax information from the government, the Obama administration said Friday, and officials are asking those affected to delay filing their 2014 returns.

The tax mistake is a self-inflicted injury that comes on the heels of what President Barack Obama had touted as a successful enrollment season, with about 11.4 million people signed up.

California, which is running its own insurance market, on Thursday announced a similar problem affecting about 100,000 people in that state.

The errors mean that nearly 1 million people may have to wait longer to get their income tax refunds this year. And they could also affect the size of those refunds.


Anonymous said...

Heaven forfend! How many of those 1,000,000 people would be without health insurance in the absence of Obamacare?

John Ruberry said...

By getting a good-paying job in a healthy economy. Oh, how many bureaucrats will be fired for this massive blunder? None.

Anonymous said...

While that's practically a sentence, it's not an answer.