Friday, February 13, 2015

Not a hate crime: Car bombed in Chicago over "dibs" parking spot

Chicago's North Side
Chicago has a long tradition of residents digging out their own parking spots on sides streets after snowstorms and claiming "dibs" over that cleared-out chunk of asphalt, usually with an otherwise useless chair. The practice is illegal --although I've never heard of anyone getting even a parking ticket for the infraction. Motorists who "steal" a dibs spot face the possibility of having their cars vandalized. Which is exactly what happened this week when a Northwest Side college student whose car was parked in a dibs spot--someone exploded a large firecracker or perhaps even a stick of dynamite inside her vehicle.

What was done was hateful, but it was not a hate crime.

Why do I bring up hate crimes? Because on the campus of the University of North Carolina, three people were murdered over a parking space dispute--and it is being investigated as a hate crime. President Obama even weighed in. Why? The victims were Muslims--and the alleged killer is not. He's white with an Anglo-Saxon sounding name and he's believed to be an atheist. Of course murder is far more serious than car vandalism. The Chicagoan is a white woman and is presumably not a Muslim. But what if she was? Would the bombing of her car then be a hate crime?



Anonymous said...

Let's play the 'what if' game!What if the 2 women wearing veils were Catholic nuns, and not muslim women? Would they have been executed with a bullet to the back of the head? Discuss with the biggest conservative teabagging dimwit that you know, and he will tell you that the answer is yes, because there is no possibility that this was a hate crime. Just because.

John Ruberry said...

Just because the victims are Muslims--it does not automatically make it a hate crime.

Anonymous said...

I told you the answer would be yes!