Saturday, February 28, 2015

Global warming news: Chicago ties 1875 record for coldest February

February 1, 2015--Morton Grove, IL
Climate scientists: Take a walk outside--at least if you are in Chicago--and forget about studying tree rings and creating apocalyptic computer models of a drowning Earth. Chicago is concluding a record-tying frigid February. The average temperature this month was 14.6 degrees Fahrenheit (-9.7 Celsius)--the same average temperature Chicagoans endured in 1875.

This month began with a bang of a blizzard on Super Bowl Sunday--with Chicago's fifth-largest snowstorm. And it ended with a record low temperature this morning of -10 F (-23 Celsius)--smashing the 1884 record of a relatively balmy 0 F (-17 Celsius).

Meanwhile Great Lakes ice cover is well over 80 percent and if it exceeds 94.7 percent--a figure almost reached last year--that will set a record.

As with last year--climate scientists were unable to predict this brutally cold winter

But Al Gore says "the planet has a fever." And the Obama administration is using climate change as an excuse to ram expensive energy regulations down our throats.

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Anonymous said...

Yet the melt rate of glaciers in west Antarctica has tripled in the past 10 years, due in large part to global warming. The Antarctic glaciers have lost a Mount Everest-sized amount of water

That surge means the glaciers lost a Mount Everest-sized amount of water every two years over the past 21 years, according to scientists at NASA and the University of California-Irvine.

But it's cold here today, so I guess that's all proof an intelligent person would need.

Marathon Pundit said...

Then there is this--The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever

Anonymous said...

That is wild! The glaciers are melting, but the UK's leading conservative rag finds that it's actually getting colder. Scandal indeed! The ice caps are melting, the seas are measurably rising, yet it's getting colder! Physics no longer applies!! Maybe the water is actually reproducing itself! That must be it! Because it's cold here today, and it has been cold here for weeks this winter! Am I right?