Thursday, February 12, 2015

Death threats for Little League official who blew the whistle on JRW cheating

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Chris Janes' made a stand for the truth and for justice. And now he's paying for his forthrightness.

From DNAChicago:
Evergreen Park Athletic Association Vice President Chris Janes, who first called for an investigation into Jackie Robinson West's boundary changes, says he has received several threatening phone calls, including death threats, since the team was stripped of its U.S. title Wednesday.

"We got about 50 messages," he told DNAinfo Chicago. "I only listened to a few. Some were gibberish ... saying things like 'You're an a------.' A couple said, 'You deserve to die.'"

"I'm not really concerned. People have been leaving s----- emails and voicemails."

Janes said he has support from the local police.
There is an Evergreen Park police car parked in front of Janes' home.

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