Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sore loser: Class warfare zealot Quinn leaves "booby traps" for Rauner

Former Illinois governor (I love writing that!) and phony reformer Pat Quinn defecated on 12.8 million Prairie State residents on his last day in office.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:
Pat Quinn spent his final hours in the governor's office pushing through a series of political "booby traps" for his successor, including signing an order requiring governors to release income tax details, naming more than 100 people to boards and commissions and lifting the minimum wage for state contract workers.

All the while, Quinn punted on the most significant matter before him – medical marijuana – infuriating members of his own party, patients awaiting the substance as well as business people.

"I think unfortunately, he has exhibited rank bitterness in his endeavors. I don't think he's left in a graceful and classy manner," said state Rep. Ron Sandack, R-Downers Grove.

"There's a bunch of booby traps he left behind, leading to one reasonable conclusion: he was trying to stick it to Rauner on the way out."
Quinn juxtaposed his support for raising the state minimum wage with Rauner's self-made wealth. Illinois is broke, thanks largely to the failures of Quinn and his two-time running mate, current prison inmate Rod Blagojevich and Quinn's last-day hike of the wage for state contractors will make doing things in Illinois even more expensive. Political newcomer Rauner is off to a good start as governor--he has frozen all non-essential spending in the state.

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