Tuesday, December 30, 2014

(Video) De Blasio receives boos and catcalls at NYPD graduation ceremony

New York City's embattled leftist mayor Bill DeBlasio was booed by audience members at yesterday's NYPD graduation ceremony at Madison Square Garden. Some attendees turned their back on the Democrat as he spoke. As if they didn't know already, DeBlasio told the newly-minted cops, "You will confront the problems that plague our society--problems you didn't create."

However, a heckler answered back to the mayor, "You did."

True, so true. As I've written before, hecklers are often quite right.

Hat tip to American Power.


Donald Douglas said...


Anonymous said...

Morons hijack a fallen comrade's funeral to throw a pity party for themselves, and morons cheer them. Why? Because they are self-absorbed morons, just like you. Heaven forbid they should suffer any rebuke.

John Ruberry said...

Didn't your kind hold one of your anti-police protests in Oakland on Christmas? Who is self-absorbed?

Anonymous said...

The only losers holding protests at policemen's funerals are snivelers of your ilk, without the decency to feel any shame. Disgusting.