Friday, December 19, 2014

Meet Charlie Hill: Another American fugitive from justice in Cuba

Where Hill needs to be
Charlie Hill, a former member of a radical group is wanted in New Mexico; he is the only living suspect in the murder of a New Mexico state trooper.

From the New York Times in 2007:
Mr. Hill wound up in Cuba in 1971 after he and two other members of a group called the Republic of New Afrika, were stopped by a state trooper outside of Albuquerque, while transporting arms and explosives. One of them, Mr. Hill does not say who, shot the trooper, Robert Rosenbloom, in the throat.

The trio, all of them in their 20s, then forced their way into the Albuquerque airport and hijacked a T.W.A. jet. They left behind their dream of creating a separate nation for American blacks.
The other two fugitives died in Cuba.

Obama needs to pressure his new Cuban pals to send Hill back to America and face justice.

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