Friday, December 12, 2014

Crook County: Dem party boss slammed for patronage hiring

Here is some more ILL-inois illness, courtesy of the Chicago Tribune:
Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios has failed to take steps to root out nepotism, favoritism and politics in his office's hiring practices, according to a new report by a federal court monitor.

The report by Clifford Meacham accuses Berrios of "taking the minimum actions necessary to placate" Meacham and the U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge Sidney Schenkier, who oversees the case under the Shakman decree that bans city and county officials from basing personnel decisions on political considerations in most cases.

"The general impression of the employees in the office was that employment actions were based on nepotism, favoritism, or politics," Meacham wrote, referring to the way Berrios makes decisions to hire, fire, promote or demote employees. "To (Meacham) all such decisions appeared to be arbitrary."
Berrios is also the chairman of the Cook County Democratic Party. While he was elected to that post by ward and township committeeman, Cook County's foolish voters continue to elect him assessor.

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