Sunday, November 02, 2014

Vile negative campaigner Quinn decries Christie's "sad message"

Illinois' failed governor, Chicago Democrat Pat Quinn, whined today about what he called the "sad message" of New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who campaigned for businessman Bruce Rauner, the Republican nominee, last month.

What a crock of hooey. That comment, from the candidate who has run negative ad after negative ad against Rauner, is an insult to the remaining decent people who live in Illinois. Why? Because Quinn's record, which includes shepherding the nation's worst-funded public pension system, over $4 billion in overdue bills, high unemployment, scandals, and the nation's worst credit rating, is so abysmal that of course the lifetime pol can't tout his achievements. There are none.

Quinn in this race has done everything but compare Rauner to Mr. Burns, the evil rich guy on The Simpsons.

Wait, I'm wrong. Quinn's campaign did that. Twice.

As for Rauner, all but a couple of hopelessly partisan Illinois newspapers have endorsed Rauner's effort to unseat the inept Quinn.

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