Friday, November 14, 2014

(RNC video) #Grubering

The architect of ObamaCare, MIT snob professor Jonathon Gruber, says Americans are "stupid" and can't understand economics. Well, voters sent a message to the elitists who look down on you--stop it!

From the Republican National Committee:


Anonymous said...

Here are some fun, verifiable facts lost in the incessant noise from the Neo-Nihilist (formerly Republican) Party; Far fewer Americans are now uninsured, premiums are increasing at a much slower rate than the historical average, and most enrollees are happy with their coverage. And, of course, the federal deficit is plunging.

John Ruberry said...

Among other things, Obama promised that annual health
insurance premiums would DECLINE by $2500 for the average family. As for the increased coverage, that is explained by the massive increase in Medicaid rolls, which is another wealth-distribution scheme, albeit a bad one since many doctors don't accept Medicaid.

Anonymous said...

Avoiding reality, I see. It's probably your best, and only strategy, Chicken Little.