Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Quinn: Three times a sore loser

Illinois Packer fan
Yesterday Republican businessman and political newcomer Bruce Rauner ousted Chicago Democrat Pat Quinn from the governor's office by a surprising margin of five percentage points.

Rauner declared victory last night but Quinn--based on the way he manages Illinois finances, math is not his strong suit--can't understand numbers. He refuses to concede even though he trails Rauner in the count by 167,000 votes with only a few precincts outstanding. 

Quinn spent the last forty years crafting a persona that he was an all-around-good-guy, which he personally destroyed by running a dirty negative campaign centered on demonizing Rauner because he's a self-made billionaire. The self-described populist zeroed in a a former position of Rauner's--that he favored lowering the minimum wage. 

As the Chicago Sun-Times reported this morning, in 1998 Quinn waited five weeks after a primary defeat in the lieutenant governor's race to concede defeat. And while governor, Quinn, to placate his Big Labor base, waited six months to fulfill a bet made with Scot Walker to volunteer wearing a Green Bay Packers shirt at a Wisconsin food pantry. The unions were angry about Walker confronting the power of the Dairy State's public-sector unions. The Illinois government union bosses have destroyed the Prairie State.

As for Walker, he resoundingly won reelection last night.

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